Dublin the capital city of Eire and one of Europe's top tourist cities and a great way to relax and enjoy the city is to stay in a Dublin holiday cottage. Although it exhibits 1,000 years of history, the feel of the city is trendy and mondern. Visit the Spire of Dublin, the Monument of Light in the main thoroughfare of O'Connell Street, the Mansion House, St.Patrick's Cathedral, to name but a few. Walk where Swift, Wilde, Shaw, Yeats, Joyce, O'Casey and Beckett walked - a fantastic roll-call of Irish literature. Trinity College is the heart of the city, where the Book of Kells is kept, visit Dublin Castle and enjoy major performances at the Abbey and Peacock theatres.

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The city centre is divided by the River Liffey, with the elegant and classy expensive shopping on the south side, and the cnain-stores on the north side. The country of Ireland too, was divided in 1921 (Ulster with six counties and the Irish Free State with twenty-six counties) after a bloody civil war.