To truly enjoy the delights of this area stay in a Donegal holiday cottage and relax.The town of Donegal is very laid-back and not exactly for the clubbing fraternity, but the Lough Derg, about 10 kms. east, is a venue for several serious pilgrimages and penance during June, July and August. For some serious cycling, the routes are hilly but very scenic, and bicycles are available for hire; and follow the west bank of the River Eske on foot for wonderful views of Donegal Bay, on whose coastline the now world famous town of Bundoran is the place for surfing - hosting European and World Surfing Championships.

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Letterkenny, Donegal's largest town has a seasonal student population (Letterkenny Institute of Technology) who also make full use of both the academic facilities and the many pubs, dance clubs and alternative music venues along its High Street.